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What is Myths of Gallantium?

Myths of Gallantium is an open-world action RPG with an emphasis on self-exploration and character growth.

What is the gameplay like?


Myths of Gallantium focuses on various RPG aspects to offer something for any kind of player.

  • Combat. The game features a robust combat system with over 100 skills, hundreds of player equipment items, different enemies, bosses, and dungeons.

  • Open-world. There are plenty of activities in the world of Gallantia. Craft items, produce or trade goods, solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and more.

  • Sailing. Build your own ship and explore the seas. Fight pirates (or become one), hunt treasures, or trade rare goods between continents. 

● Combat


How does the class system work?


Myths of Gallantium does not force players into predetermined classes. Instead, the game offers seven distinct skill-trees: Swordplay, Archery, Sorcery, Vitality, Defense, Mobility, and Summoning. Players can select up 2 skill-trees at the same time, creating a combo-class that best suits their play style. Want to play as an magical archer? Archery-Sorcery is your pick. Or want to be an unbreakable tank? Vitality-Defense. Classic melee knight? Swordplay-Mobility. And so on.

Players learn skills from Skillbooks, which they can find in the open-world, buy from merchants, or earn as quest rewards. You can learn any number of skills, but only use the ones from your currently picked skill-trees. Changed you mind? No worries, you can change your skill-trees at any time.

What combat content is in the game?

There are many places for players to flex their combat skills. Explore the open world to find enemy camps, bosses, and repeatable dungeons. Go into cities to duel with brave souls, or join the arena to fight hordes of enemies. Or sail into the ocean to battle pirates, or become the black-flag-merchant-hunting evil yourself.


Is there a story-line?

Myths of Gallantium is set in a fictional land Gallantia that is split into three distinct continents, each with their own culture, specialization, and style. The story-telling is heavily relied on player's self-exploration. Complete quests to learn more about Gallantia and its origin, find items in the open-world to dive deep into the lore, and build your own adventure through Gallantia.

● Story
● Development


When will the game be released?

So far there is not set release date for Myths of Gallantium.

Which platforms will the game be available for?

Currently, only a Windows PC release is planned. However, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch versions are under consideration.

Who is developing the game?

Myths of Gallantium is created by a solo developer Grant Oganyan.

Where can we follow the progress?

The best way to follow and be involved in development is via developer's twitter @GrantOgany, the game's official subreddit: r/MythsOfGallantium, and YouTube channel Finale Games

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